Church traditions are not necessarily wrong but they can be in the wrong position in our lives. Traditions can unify by providing common ways of doing things and common beliefs. But they can become very exclusionary and start driving people out of the church. The natural path of traditions is that they start as a tool but then become a rule as we move from master to slave. Therefore traditions present an ongoing danger.

One reason for this is that they are man-made and are therefore as short-sighted as man. A tradition is created to serve a purpose and seems wise at the time. As we all know, times change. Traditions can outlive their purpose and their creator.

In the Bible we see the problems that traditions can cause. Nobody loves traditions more than God’s people, Israel. But we see how often this became a problem for them as they observed the tradition but forgot about God. They observed all the steps of the procedure but it became meaningless and hollow.

How should the church handle traditions? It isn’t an easy question to answer. In fact many of the practices in the church have already gone from tradition to law and would be difficult to remove. Trying to do so would cause division. Therefore it can be seen as more trouble than it is worth. The truth is, if a tradition has gotten to that stage, it is already causing trouble.

In this article we’ll see how Jesus handled traditions that were seemingly harmless. We’ll also get a deeper understanding of the things Jesus said about traditions.


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